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More Than Just a Technical Expertise

Discover how you can develop your leadership skills and personality to shape a successful CTO career.

Personal development is key to leadership success. Learn how to leverage and enhance your unique strengths as a software developer to become a visionary CTO.

The 3 Most Common Problems
Developers Come to Us With 

Lack of Leadership

Experience & Skills

Many are uncertain about how to develop effective leadership skills. This uncertainty can hinder the transition into management and leadership roles.

Challenges in Strategic Planning & Operational Excellence

The role of a CTO requires strategic thinking. Developers often find it challenging to shift from technical tasks to strategic decision-making as well as knowledge about achieving and maintaining operational excellence.

Unawareness of Realistic Career Paths to CTO

Many engineers are unaware of the realistic career paths to becoming a CTO. They need guidance on the necessary steps and skills and how to perform the transformation

Our specially designed coaching program for aspiring CTOs offers you the chance to grow both professionally and personally. Prepare yourself for the challenges and opportunities of a CTO role.

This Is How Developers Benefit From Our CTO Coaching

Zuversichtlich Geschäftsmann

Develop Your Personal Leadership Skillset

Learn to effectively lead and inspire teams, through change and conflict, shining as leadership figure in the tech industry


Establish Yourself As a Communication Expert

Master the art of effective communication, both technical and non-technical, crucial for influencing and engaging with stakeholders across all levels of the organization.


Transform Your Mindset
And Make The Transition

Shift from a techie to a strategic thinker, gaining insights into not just technology, but also business and organizational dynamics, paving your way to a successful CTO career.

I (Philipp Deutscher) transitioned from Software Engineer to CTO by myself. It took me many years and thousands of hours to figure things out on my own. I can help you to make the same transformation in a few months.

This Could Help You?

Let's talk. Simply choose your suitable date in our calendar.
These are your next steps:

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We get an overview of your current situation and get to know you to see whether we are a good fit for each other.

You will find out how our executive coaching strategies can help you.

We will give you an initial assessment of which goals are realistic and what the general conditions for an offer look like.

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